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Grand Prix Auckland has a wide selection of Side events for players of all skill levels.

Grand Prix Auckland is going to be very different from every other Grand Prix with a prize wall, where players can choose the prize they want to win, with Uncut sheets, t-shirts, sets, foil sets, Pop figurines, old set booster and much more up for grabs.  Have a look at one here!

Featured Events and Bonus Offers:

The first 500 players that play in a scheduled side event on the Friday will score a FREE playmat drawn by Steve Argyle!!!


Super Sunday Series!

Every wanted to visit Wizards of the Coast?  Well now if you win this event, you can!!!  The winner gets Flights to Wizards of the Coast HQ in Seattle and three nights accommodation!!!  Play in the $20 000USD Super Sunday Series Finals!  Get a VIP tour of Wizards, meed R & D!  Every MTG players ultimate experience.  See the coverage of the 2014 event here.

Eternal Super Star!

Grand Prix Auckland features the Eternal Super Star, which is the Legacy on the Friday and Saturday and the Vintage on the Sunday. This is a Grand Prix experience for eternal players.  After the Swiss rounds whoever has the most points will be crowned the Eternal Super Star and get the trophy.

Happy Hour Drafts!

Saturday morning from 11am – 1pm, features 1/2 price drafts!!!!

Bounce Back!

Having a bad day 1?  Bounce back and win Free Entry to the Super Sunday Series Sealed Deck event and lots of tix!


Friday 13th March 2015

Cost in NZD
10am -6pmGrand Prix Trials32 Player single elimination events on demand.

1st: 2 Byes +36 Tix, 2nd: 24 Tix, 3rd - 4th: 18 Tix, 5-8th: 8 Tix
Sealed $45 : Standard $25
10:30amLegacyEternal Super Star Event Number 1.
Competitive Legacy Event with a Top 8 play off. (Decklists Required)
1st: Tropical Island, 2nd: Gaea's Cradle, 3rd - 4th: Force of Will, 5th - 8th: Dark Depths, 9th - 16th: 3 Tix, 17th - 32nd: 1 Tix
Legacy Deck Construction
$35 Entry
11:00amWarm Up Sealed Deck Swiss Rounds with a Cut to the Top 8.
1st: Foil set of Fate Reforged, 2nd: Set of Fate Reforged, 3rd - 4th: 36 Tix, 5th - 8th: 18 Tix, 9th - 16th: 12 Tix, 17th -32nd: 4 Tix.
6:00pmFoiled Again
Draft pods.
Get a promo card for playing and a bonus promo card and Tix per match win!!!

Win booster prizes: 9 pts - 2 boosters, 6pts: 1 boosters

Saturday 14th March 2015

Cost in NZD
10:00amLegacyEternal Super Star Event Number 2.

Sanctioned Legacy with a top 8 playoff.
1st: 36 Tix, 2nd: 18 Tix, 3rd - 4th: 12 Tix, 5th - 8th: 8 Tix, 9th - 16th: 2 Tix.

Legacy Deck Construction

2:00pmStandard Bounce BackHalf price if you played in the main event.
4 Rounds.
All players get 2 Tix per match win!!!
All players that go 4 - 0 score Free entry to the Super Sunday Sealed Deck!

3:00pmModernModern is an amazing fun filled format.

1st: Win a set of Fate Reforged!
2nd: 36 Tix, 3rd-4th: 12 Tix, 5th - 8th: 8 Tix, 9th - 16th: 4 Tix

Modern Deck Construction
4:00pmLucky Dip Sealed DeckGet 6 boosters out of the lucky dip box, which contains 20 different sets. Including standard and non standard sets.

5 Rounds of play and 2 Tix per match win.
5:00pmStandard4 Rounds of Standard Constructed
Prizes are based upon the following match wins:
4-0: 18 Tix
3-1: 9 Tix
2-2: 3 Tix
1-3: 1 Tix.

Sunday 15th March 2015

9:00amSuper Sunday Sealed DeckKhans of Tarkir / Fate Reforged Sealed Deck
Swiss Rounds + 1 Round

The Top 4 Qualify for the Playoff Draft
5th - 8th: 36 Tix, 9th - 16th: 18 Tix, 17th -32nd: 9 Tix.
11:00amSuper Sunday StandardStandard Constructed
Swiss Rounds + 1 Round

The Top 4 Qualify for the Playoff Draft
5th - 8th: 36 Tix, 9th - 16th: 18 Tix, 17th -32nd: 9 Tix.

11:00amVintageEternal Super Star Event Number 3.
Sanctioned Vintage. Top 8 Playoff.
Andy Fletcher Cup

1st: Uncut Foil Sheet!
2nd: 4 Legends Packs
3rd - 4th: 2 Legends Packs
5th - 8th: 1 Legends Packs
9th - 16th: 8 Tix

2:00pm2 Headed Giant Sealed DeckTwo people make a 2GH team, and get 8 boosters to make 2 decks.
4 Rounds

1st: Foil Uncut Sheet and 36 Tix! 2nd: 26 Tix, 3rd - 4th: 24 Tix, 5th - 8th: 18 Tix, 9th- 16th: 8 Tix
3:00pmModernPrizes based upon Points after 4 Rounds.
4-0: 18 Tix
3-1: 9 Tix
2-2: 3 Tix
1-3: 1 Tix
4:00pmMirrodin Sealed Deck32 players Only : Registration opens Friday Morning.
Make your deck with: One Mirrodin Tournament Pack and 2 Darksteel Boosters and one Fifth Dawn Booster
Win a Tix per match win!
$70 Entry
4:00Metagame Sealed DeckMake your deck with one booster of the following:

Theros, Born of the Gods, Journey into Nyx, M15, Khans of Tarkir and Fate Reforged!

Each match win earns you a lucky dip! Bonus Tickets and other accessories up for grabs!!!!!
5:00pmCommander ChallengeCasual "No Combo" Flight: No Combo means no combo. Players can relax enjoy and do some old school creature beat down, without having to worry about someone combo'ing off.

Combo: Feel free to play anything you like in this combo filled flight. You must still follow the Commander banned list!

PRIZES:At the beginning of each round each player will be given a ticket. When you are eliminated you give the ticket to the person you believe made the biggest contribution to the game. If you are not eliminated, you keep the tix!

Rounds are 90 mins long and at the end of time, DEATH DICE will enter. (Death Dice: At the beginning of your upkeep roll a D6 and sacrifice that many permanents, D10 and lose that much life, and a D20 and remove that many cards from the top of your library from the game.)

No Combo: Oversize Card!
Combo: Uncut Sheet!

Events on Demand

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